Cannabis Mocktail Creator

See how to create
wonderful mocktails

Cannabis Mocktail Creator
Cannabis Mocktail Creator



Make any drink a cannabis beverage

Mocktail Creator transforms any drink into a delicious and refreshing cannabis mocktail. With 80mg of THC per bottle, it provides eight 10mg servings, making it the ideal choice for crafting libations with friends or indulging in your own personal pleasure. Experience the wonders of cannabis without the drawbacks of inhaling smoke or nursing an alcohol-induced hangover.

Case Price (18 Units per Case)

Not sold in Alaska & Idaho. Shipments to Minnesota will receive a 50mg THC bottle due to state regulations.

Not sold in Alaska & Idaho. Shipments to Minnesota will receive a 50mg THC bottle due to state regulations.


With nano-emulsified THC, you will feel the invigorating effects in as little as 15 minutes!


Easily mix it into any beverage for a seamless cannabis-enhanced experience.

No bitterness

Our Liquid THC has a neutral profile, ensuring your drinks taste as divine as ever.

Precise dosing

The included dosing cup and guide allows users to find their perfect dose.

Perfect taste

Indulge in the taste that suits your palate! Most cannabis beverages come with a pre-determined flavor profile, catering to a broad audience. But we believe in freedom of choice.

See how to create
wonderful cocktails

Cannabis Mocktail Creator
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