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If you’re new to Liquid THC (or haven’t experienced it in a long time), the most important thing to understand is that its effect is determined not only by the strength of how much you take but also by your individual body chemistry. In short, it affects everyone slightly differently. Some people feel a significant effect with as little as 2mg of THC; others require much more. And some may not feel the effects at all. It’s all based upon many factors, such as your weight, metabolism, the food you’ve consumed, and your unique endocannabinoid system.

Using the Dosing Cup and Dropper

To open the small bottle, press down firmly on the cap and turn it counterclockwise to break the seal on the tamper-evident, child-resistant cap. Once opened, you can either fill the dosing cup with the desired amount of THC or use the dropper to count the number of drops to add to your glass. The dosing instructions on the bottle will indicate how many milligrams (mg) of Delta-9 THC are contained in each milliliter (mL) of liquid.

Understanding How to Measure

It’s also important to understand the difference between milligrams (mg) of THC and milliliters (mL) of liquid. Milliliters (mL) measure the volume of liquid, while milligrams (mg) measure the weight of the substance within the liquid. Think of it this way: if you dissolve a teaspoon of sugar into a glass of iced tea, the volume of the liquid is measured in mL, and the amount of sugar dissolved is measured in mg. Similarly, when you pour a certain amount of the Mocktail Creator liquid THC into the dosing cup, the liquid (measured in mL) contains a specific amount of Delta-9 THC (measured in mg). The dosing instructions on the bottle will indicate how many milligrams (mg) of Delta-9 THC are contained in each milliliter (mL) of liquid.

The Assessment Process

The first step in your assessment process is to determine the total amount of THC for you (for one night) that works best. You simply want to find your Goldy Locks Zone. You don’t want to be too affected nor feel too little, but “just the right amount” to make the experience pleasurable. Remember, you can always drink more, but you can’t drink less once you’ve consumed too much. If you’re new to cannabis (or mildly experienced), we recommend that you start with a small 5mg serving of THC and work your way up and evaluate how you feel as you go. Start with one glass that contains 5mg of THC. You should feel something in about 15 minutes after consumption. However, the effects will slowly start to increase over the next 60 to 120 minutes and reach a peak before they start to subside. At this point, you don’t want to take any more (Even if you don’t feel anything). Everyone reacts differently to THC in terms of its time frame and potency. You want to ensure you understand how long and how strong your individual body takes to feel its effects.

Repeat the Assessment Process

The next step is to repeat this dosage experiment one or more days later. If you experienced too much of an effect, cut back. If you didn’t experience much of anything, increase the THC dosage. Keep repeating these titration experiments until you’ve got a good sense of what your ideal dose is. Following this method should prevent you from being in the unpleasant position of taking too much. 

You’ve most likely already done this for alcohol-based drinks. As a result, you know if you’re a one-glass, two-glass, or three-glass per-night person. You probably figured this out with alcohol so long ago that it’s just instinctive to you now. You simply need to acquire this same level of knowledge and ability for cannabis drinks.

How the Onset of the THC Effect Compares to Alcohol

Our goal with this Liquid THC product was to match the timing of its effects to that of an alcoholic drink. Most THC edibles take hours to kick in, so we used nano-emulsification technology from the pharmaceutical industry to speed up the process. While the technology sounds complex, it doesn’t involve adding any chemicals or extra ingredients to the Liquid THC. We simply used sound waves to break down the THC oil droplets into tiny particles (measured in nanometers), allowing them to be absorbed quickly into the digestive system—similar to alcohol.

Once we perfected this technology, we fine-tuned it to match the timing of alcohol-based drinks. We conducted a user study to compare our product with traditional THC edibles and alcoholic drinks. The results are shown in the chart below. Keep in mind, the lines on this chart reflect the average experiences of various subjects. Some felt the effects sooner, while others took a bit longer. Here are some key points from the chart:

  • If you look at the orange line you’ll see that a typical THC edible product can take several hours for the effects to be felt and it can last many hours.
  • On the other hand, if you look at the green line you’ll see that on average it only took 15 minutes for the Hemp Beverage Company product (derived from nano-emulsification) to feel the effects and that it wore off on average in 4 hours.
  • Finally, if you look at the blue line, you’ll see the effects of the Hemp Beverage Company products to be similar to consuming alcohol ) minus the calories and hangover, of course)

We hope this gives you a clear understanding of how our Liquid THC product compares to traditional THC edibles and alcohol in terms of onset and duration of effects.

Cannabis Mocktail Creator

Taken correctly, this Liquid THC product can be a great healthier alternative to alcohol-based drinks.  There is no alcohol hangover, you personalize the potency, and you always get a great tasting drink because you’re in charge of the ingredients.

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